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Top 4 Reasons You Should Have a VPN

In this day and age, having a VPN for every device that can access the internet should almost be a necessity. There are now more cyber-crimes committed daily than ever before. So, what’s stopping people from getting a VPN? Here are the top four reasons you should have a VPN now!  

#4: Keep your private information safe when browsing the web. If someone has access to your IP address, they can find out your exact location at all times, monitor your payments, steal your card information, and even track your regular online browsing habits. With a VPN, however, no one can see your IP address but you, which is how it should be!  

#3: Defend your computer from viruses and other unwarranted installations.   Some hackers are in it for the money, while others are just in it to cause trouble. If a hacker has breached your computer, they can install whatever kinds of viruses and ransomware they want. Whether the programs are for theft or just for the fun of it, no one wants those kinds of things installed on their computer. A VPN will block these sorts of people from getting into your computer in the first place, greatly reducing your risk of contracting a computer virus.  

#2: Protect anyone that you might share a computer with.   Anyone that uses your computer, whether it be your kids, spouse, or friends, is just as at risk as you are if there isn’t a VPN installed on the computer you share with them. A VPN is vital if you want to protect your loved ones and their private information when sharing a computer.

#1: Give yourself peace of mind.   Alongside other protective measures, having a VPN will help you relax when browsing the internet. You don’t have to worry so much about your information being stolen, and therefore, you can enjoy your favorite websites and online shop without fear.   Having a VPN should never be your only method of device protection, but it definitely is one of the most important ones to have. Fortunately, Salt IT Solutions has it’s very own VPN service that is not only customizable to your own needs but is affordable. Contact us today to sign up and protect all your devices!

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