Salt Vault for Data Recovery


It’s important to have data recovery options; cyberattacks, natural disasters, power outages, network failure, software corruption, aging hardware, and even simple human error can all lead to a loss of access to important data, either permanently or temporarily. For many small businesses, this unexpected downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars, lead to bankruptcy, or even closure. Fortunately, Salt Vault is here to help your business flourish with our affordable data recovery service!



Salt Vault for Data Recovery is a unique system that allows individuals and businesses to outsource their data recovery needs for far cheaper than they could safely host themselves. Salt Vault is different from typical cloud storage (such as DropBox and Google Drive) in that it doesn’t limit you to just files. Instead, you can restore your whole operating system or even network! 

It’s also different from traditional backup services in that it’s designed to get you access to your data within minutes, even if your servers are still down so that you can keep things running while the crisis is being resolved.

Pricing is per month and is based on the amount of storage purchased. Discounts may be offered for those who purchase in bulk. Pricing does not include any applicable state or local taxes.

Tier 1

  • 1GB -> 20GB: $19.99
  • 21GB -> 50GB: $34.99
  • 51GB -> 100GB: $74.99

Tier 2

  • 101GB -> 200GB: $149.99
  • 201GB -> 400GB: $274.99
  • 401GB -> 600GB: $399.99

Tier 3

  • 601GB -> 800GB: $524.99
  • 801GB -> 1TB: $649.99

TIP: for the best value, consider whether you need to backup all of your data or just some of it (and if not all of it, what parts). That way you don’t end up paying for more than you need.

Additional information

1GB - 20GB

$19.99, Tier One

21GB - 50GB

$34.99, Tier One

51GB - 100GB

$74.99, Tier One

101GB - 200GB

$149.99, Tier Two

201GB - 400GB

$274.99, Tier Two

401GB - 600GB

$399.99, Tier Two

601GB - 800GB

$524.99, Tier Three

801GB - 1TB

$649.99, Tier Three