Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Management Services- Let your business fly towards the zenith of online magnificence

PPC management is a marketing model which is a used for small and large businesses to develop brand recognition, a consistent web presence, and a steady flow of new leads and website traffic. It is more effective as it offers some benefits which characterize PPC such as instant results that too at affordable prices, high value keywords, Geo-targeted provisions, and it also involves custom scheduling. Pay-per-click marketing is a way of using search engine advertising to generate more clicks for your website, rather than "earning" those clicks organically.

Our PPC experts use professional and latest technical tools to do an extended keyword analysis and research for your business by identifying targeted keywords that will give you more queries.

At Salt IT Solutions, professionals not only emphasis on increasing your website traffic & sales but also help in minimizing cost per conversion rate, customer acquisition and optimize your campaign structure. PPC services efficiently work in generating qualified leads and increased sales through a bidding process and ads appear on the leading search engines and its network pages Ad Creation and Campaign set up

PPC Services in Salt Lake City

Bid Management

Bid Management is the most vital and most overlooked feature of PPC. Our PPC expert will bid only on keywords that are likely to give you great ROI. The bidding process is monitored closely with an emphasis on targeted keywords yet least competitive.
Ad Creation & Campaign Set up

We provide a complete range of online ad creation services that comprises refining Ad Text, Copywriting and Creative Writing, Keyword Optimization, using Call-to-action phrases etc. Our PPC proficient professionals provide commendable Ad campaign.
Keyword Research & Analysis

Our PPC experts will use professional tools to do an extensive keyword analysis for your business, identifying those keywords that will give generate more leads. We add new relevant keywords/phrase to get positive outcomes.
PPC Performance Monitoring

All campaign reports are regularly documented and shared with clients, as part of our PPC management. The performance data for all keywords can be viewed by clients including click through rate, ROI and traffic reports.
Landing Page Creation

The Landing Page is basically the page where customers are driven to when they click on your advertisement. Our team of PPC Experts builds an authoritative and definitive landing page designed to eliminate the bouncing rate of the respective landing page.
Display Advertising

Salt IT Solutions has the experience and expertise to manage your advertising budget effectively and help you meet your objectives whether it is brand awareness, lead generation, Ecommerce sales and App installations.

Our Core PPC management Company Strategies

  • The creation of a targeted, well budgeted campaign that features the most efficient converting words
  • Developing High Quality Scores through Ad Group optimization, ad creation and landing page analysis
  • Targeted, Specific and Enticing Ad Copy with targeted calls to action
  • Daily quality control of campaign to monitor delivery of ads
  • Detailed analysis. The more the merrier. The more we research, the better you do.

Why Choose Salt IT Solutions?


Manage PPC campaign on multiple PPC advertising platforms and develop strategies to increase website traffic rate, conversion rate and ROI with reduce cost.


With our in-depth expertise and knowledge we are capable in bringing maximum qualified traffic and sales leads through your PPC campaign within a budget.


Our Google Ad words professional perform detailed research, testing and evaluation of your PPC campaigns and manage monthly report of its progress.


Bring the targeted traffic and qualified leads to the website by enhancing your online visibility and establishing strong brand value for the business.

Technical Competency

  • 1 Adwords      
  • 2 Trueview     
  • 3 PLA ads
  • 4 Retargeting      
  • 5 RLSAS      
  • 6 Gmail ads