Your Neighbour Partner

Leveraging customized solutions for IT Hardware Retailer segment

Streamline customer-buying experience, managing operational tasks, strategic, financial challenges and optimize business performance and user engagement

In the world of global and local mega-mergers, retailers are looking to compete by reducing costs while improving the net return on assets. Retailers are continuously striving to strengthen their customer relationships, driving profitability and building competitive advantage. As the consumer expectations are increasing with the years passing, enterprises need to step up and come up with sound, agile and scalable strategies to better user engagement for a longer period of time.

Salt IT Solutions professionals leverages its years of experience to develop a Retailer Support Platform which will address business problems faced by small or large retail stores. We support retail chains to reduce cost and optimize business performance with our support platform that focuses on long term user engagement and eliminate operational, strategic and financial challenges.

We are proved, trusted and reliable partner to all retailers providing long term Retail partnerships for all IT support solutions.

What are the problems retailers suffer from?

  • How to increase revenue with existing customer base& add-on new services.
  • Keeping engagement with Customers – only 10% customer turn back for new device/services to the same retailer/store…rest 90%?
  • To ensure 24*7 Help Desk & Upgrade road-map.

  • Overall Services rendered fall short of building Business Continuity.
  • Have multiple Business streams to increase invoke opportunities.

Why choose Salt IT Solutions?

  • Be connected to your customer base for recurring business via our support system.
  • Retails / Repair store can up sale our product and keep the profit and pay us our monthly fixed cost, additional revenue/business model.
  • Whenever we diagnose hardware or software upgrade we can always refer them back to you for upgrade.
  • Gain customer loyalty/trust on services which is been delivered via our services.
  • Extend your services portfolio with B2B arrangement with our other services profile (Managed services/Digital Marketing/development services)