ERP Software Development Services in Salt Lake City

Accelerate your business with our customized ERP solutions.

ERP system stands for Enterprise-Resource Planning, is necessary for every modern business to take care of all of its business operations. It’s a master of all! But the core issue is that ERPs sometimes prove to be more complex and expensive due to cost of the system, hardware and consulting fees. In such cases, web-based ERP solution costs you less penny to implement and maintain.

Salt IT Solutions empowers businesses to plan and manage enterprise-wide resources with the agility and scalability that builds, sharpens, and enhances the efficiency of the organization.

Our professionals are engineered to scale with businesses as they grow and to streamline mission-critical processes. In turn, this permits them to continue focusing on what they do best and to react to new market opportunities swiftly and confidently. The customized ERP solutions gives businesses the tools they need to accelerate growth and drive innovation.

Enterprise Resource Planning software has a strategic value for your business. It can exceedingly help you streamline processes across manifold industries such as manufacturing, procurement, services, sales, finance, and HR management.

Our effective ERP solutions should work the way you want it to function for your business, not the other way round. Our scalable ERP solutions are highly customizable with inbuilt functional fit-in capabilities.

We strive to solve the real time challenges that businesses comes across owing to complex technologies and a rapidly evolving business environment.

Our Core Services

ERP software development improves productivity, boost efficiencies, reduce costs and streamline processes. Our skilled and experienced Salt IT Solutions professionals manage your sales team in a simpler manner by seamlessly implementing robust and target-driven ERP systems

Human Resource Management

Our HR services bring greater efficiencies in your core business operations and at the same time save your time and money both. This is the specialized area where we have worked with large organizations to support them with leave and attendance management, payroll and appraisals among other HR functions.

Sales And CRM Management

Customers are considered not just customers but they are our long term connections. The sales strategy has to be build in such a way that it has to link up with different social networks, devices and data. Our properly integrated sales CRM provide a 360-degree picture of a customer, permitting greater knowledge of how to handle every sales lead.

Supply Chain Management

We understand that how crucial is supply chain functions are for your business growth. We use best class processes, leveraging cutting-edge tools and having in-depth understanding of market-leading supply chain organizations to help business enterprises to manage shipping, logistics, tracking, invoices and manage other real time data.

Inventory Management And Manufacturing

In this sector, ERP has already proven to be the best support system. ERP supports you with all warehouse management functions and our specialized production planning tools help you plan production.

Why Choose Salt IT Solutions?

As we are now a certified partner with avast, our primarily focus is on managing secure IT managed services to clients worldwide. Here’s, how we can help you in supporting all your business operations in the most efficient manner.

  • Increased operational Efficiency
  • Customer centric approach
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Provide support for economic growth
  • Enables better decision making
  • Facilitates Scalable and flexible solutions for future purpose