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Email Marketing

Get into Your Customer's Inbox through our Email Marketing strategies!!!

Email Marketing is the most successful online advertising approach that sends a sequence of email messages to a group of potential customers to generate scalable ROI. The auto-permitted email marketing platform, assists you get in touch with your target group efficiently at a negligible cost. Email marketing continues to be an effective tool to reach the consumer. The medium is helpful to target possible customers who are not accessible through the existing consumer network or through social media platforms. These are the people who are likely to become active customers if they are only made aware of the offers the firm has for them but are currently unaware of any such incentives.

Email Marketing Platform is the one that acts on the essential principles of high deliverables, smooth Campaign Management, monitoring and reporting of campaigns.

This solution encompasses the end-to-end email marketing processes including automation of the delivery time and integration of data from multiple channels to create individualized email messages. Our Email Marketing Campaigns are always lined up with your business goals to ensure that they are actually valuable and productive. We are the perfect partners for making your business to reach heights of success and growth.

We create highly customized contact lists which best suit your business requirements .We ensure that the emails reach the corresponding target audience as per the marketing and sales funnel.

Our Email Marketing Services in Salt Lake City


Our talented team of skilled experts believes in providing an easy and approachable way of giving you crucial strategic assistance for your business. We combine technology, real time insights & analytics and industry expertise that can provide you with quick and effective solutions for email marketing.

Contact List Management
It's vital to maintain a list of targeted customers with whom we can connect, communicate and ensure maximum conversions. We facilitate you to do better targeting having millions of customers and then develop your entire email campaign accordingly.
Create & Design
Our expert email developers utilize their skill-set to design a unique customized email. We will provide creative and technical expertise in designing an email layout, using our innovative concepts and unique brand development ideas. We can create customized landing pages focussing on the email campaigns.
Targeted & Follow Up Emails
Salt IT Solutions email marketing services can help you to send mails related to your products and services to exact target groups. You also have the choice to follow up the interested customers via email marketing or social media platforms and get directly engage with them.
Campaign Tracking, Analysis & Reporting
After mailing emails, we will measure the success of the email campaign and analyze the performance and report on the basis of usage, click-through rates, subscriptions, hard bounce, soft bounce, social engagement etc.

Why Choose Salt IT Solutions?

  • Simple, Beautiful and Attractive Designs templates
  • Raises brand value and brand awareness
  • Diverged Content
  • High Return on Investment
  • Custom Coded
  • Compatible with all major email clients
  • Fast Turnaround

Salt IT Solutions, the best company for digital marketing services, Salt Lake City offers very affordable Email Marketing Services across the globe to increase your online presence. The advantages we offer, you get real value for your IT investment when you engage with us to handle your Email campaigns. We are the best choice for your business when it comes to cost effective and capable Email marketing campaign management.