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Reasons Why Youre Rankings Are Taking the Plunge and How to Fix Them

Use Internal Linking

Internal links are often underestimated by a lot of webmasters who fail to realize how much their rankings can benefit by using this simple technique. Internal linking is all about linking the pages that exist within your website with one another. The only thing to remember in this case is to avoid using rich anchor text when interlinking your pages.

Improve Site Speed

It is already known that Google considers site speed as a ranking factor. Google associates a slow loading site with bad user experience as it causes users to leave the page. So do make sure your website speed is up to the mark.

Avoid Building Links to Pages That Have Suffered Fall in Rankings

The first solution that pops into the mind of a person who sees a drop in rankings is to build more links. Here again it should be noted that linking your website to pages that have suffered a drop in their own rankings will make the situation worse for you.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Google wants to bring fresh content to its users, and that’s your cue on how to impress it. Fill your website will new and unique content so that Google finds a reason to rank your website. If the content is of value to users, they will spend more time on your website; share its content and link with it. You can even update your old content to make it relevant for reading once more.

Increase Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Your Click-Through-Rate is tracked by Google as it is used as an indicator to establish how relevant a page is for the keywords it is being ranked for. Websites with high CTRs will rank better than those which have low CTRs. The key to high CTRs is encouraging more clicks on your page. An example of this is writing great Page Titles and Meta Tags.

Optimizing Your Site for Different Devices

Today a large portion of web traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for them, users will have a bad experience when they visit your site, resulting in high percentage of exits and a high bounce rate. Site optimization consists of making sure that your website loads quickly and it has a responsive design. Both of them will help in providing a good experience to users and make them stay longer.

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